Selling your items

What happens to my device(s) once you receive it?

Once we receive your items, the package is opened and inspected. Then it is sent to our trained technicians for further inspection. Our technicians test the functions of the device and assess its physical damage according to the condition you selected. If accepted, your payment will be processed at the quoted price. If, however, our trained technicians find the device to be in a different condition to that stated when you placed the order, a revised price will be offered. You then have 10 days to accept of decline the offer. Please see our terms and conditions for more information

My item is in a poor/broken condition, will you still accept it?

YES! We will offer you a price for your item no matter what condition it is in. Just select 'Poor' condition when you place the order.

Do I need to send my charger too?

No. Your charger isn't required. We just require the phone with it's battery.

I just placed an order to recycle my old phone, what happens now?

A recycling pack will be sent and will arrive within 1-2 working days. It has a prepaid label and instructions on how to send your phone. The prepaid label does have your unique order number so when we receive your package, we will know it is from you!


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